Precision Metal Works is ISO 9001 certified.

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Since our founding in 1986, Precision Metal Works has been focused on delivering a quality product to our clients.

We continually invest in new production equipment and laboratory equipment to ensure tolerances and requirements are achieved and are repeatable.

Our dedicated quality team works with our production team to make sure quality is consistent through the manufacturing process with records being maintained according to our ISO 9001 and ERP systems.


Equipment List

  • CMM
    • Quantity: 2
    • Production Floor and Lab
    • Accuracy to .000005”
  • Imaging System
    • Production Floor
    • Field of Vision: 4” x 8”
    • Accuracy to .0001”
  • Absolute Arm
    • Production Floor
    • 8 ft. Sphere Measurement Range
    • Accuracy to .001”
  • Other Measurement Equipment
    • Surface Finish: Accuracy 200-+160 µ
    • Hardness Tester
    • Gages (Certified Annually)
      • Height: Accuracy to .0001”
      • Gage Block/Pins
      • Hand Held Measurement Devices