Precision Metal Works provides CNC Machining services to companies across the nation.

CNC Machining is a process that uses computer code to control a machine specially designed for high speed, high accuracy, and high efficiency applications. These machines are able to produce significantly faster than the traditional manual machine methods. With additional automation, several machines can be supervised by a single operator allowing for additional efficiency gains.

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Equipment List

  • CNC Lathes
    • 1 Swiss Style Machine up to 2 inches
    • 4 Lathes up to 2 inch diameter
    • 4 Lathes with up to 12 inch capacity
    • Robotic Machine Tending
  • CNC Vertical Mills
    • 5 Mills with 20×40 Tables
    • 2 Mills with 30 x 60 tables
    • 1 Mill with 30 x 85 table
    • 2 Production Mill (Turn table style) with 15×20 table
  • CNC Horizontal Mills
    • 1 Horizontal Mill with 600mm working area
    • 1 Horizontal Mill with 400mm working area
CNC Machining image 01