Precision Metal Works Provides Sheet Metal Fabrication Services Across the Nation.

Precision Metal Works has been producing sheet metal fabricated parts since 1986.

Sheet metal fabrication uses sheet metal to build products and parts. Sheet Metal Fabrication can be complex, involving numerous processes,  but PMW makes it simple with our ability to offer these processes in-house. Sheet metal fabrication involves flat pattern development using computer aided drafting software, cutting (commonly by laser cutting machines or waterjet), bending by press brakes to create angled corners, and rolling to produce round sections.

We also have the ability to laser cut pipe and tube sections utilizing a tube laser.   Our tube laser gives us the ability to cut pipe (up to 8”) and square tube (up to 6”).

Another Focus of Sheet Metal Fabrication is Welding.

After the sheet metal parts are formed, they can be assembled and welded into more intricate parts. Different welding techniques can be used in sheet metal fabrication to avoid warping or other visual defects. We can offer MIG and TIG welding with our highly experienced welders, or for larger volume requirements we can utilize Robotic Welding.


Equipment List

  • Cutting
    • 3 Sheet Lasers with automated load/unloading system and full integration into ERP System. (5’x10′ sheet size)
    • 1 Tube Laser with Automatic Loading/Unloading (8 inch Pipe, 6 inch Square Tube)
    • 1 25 ton Turret Punch for fine detail or knockout requirements.
    • 1 Waterjet for cutting non-metallic materials or oversized sheets (6’x12’ sheet size)
  • Bending
    • 2 Hydraulic Press Brakes with CNC controls with capacities from 300 Tons to 440 Tons. (12’ Beds)
    •  4 Electric Press Brakes with CNC controls for production Volumes with capabilities from 25 Tons to 110 Tons. (4-10’ Beds)
  • Rolling
    • 4 rollers of varying sizes for forming round profiles in sheet material
    • 1 Tube rolling and bending in small quantities

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